CholesLo Review

If you suffer from bad cholesterol and forced to take long term prescription medication, you know how difficult it can be to keep up with it. Medications come with their share of side effects and dealing with them means adding a pile of other medications. If you haven’t heard of Choleslo yet, this review will help you find out a way to get rid of all those medications as well cholesterol through natural systems.

Choleslo is a natural product made from clinically tested ingredients that comprise of organic herbs, amino acids and vitamins. The product is created by Dr Sam Robbins and Dr Spring Chen – a cardiologist and Chinese herbalist, respectively. This natural and healthy supplement is the ultimate solution to all troubles related to heart and not just lowers the count of cholesterol.

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It should be noted that high cholesterol levels are more related to genetic factors than just bad lifestyle. Changes in hormones during different stages of life can also lead to increased count of cholesterol levels in the body. Choleslo, the natural health supplement contains specific set of vitamins and nutrients that your “aging” body requires in order to help it heal on daily basis. Unlike medications which work against your body’s natural system, this natural product works in favor of the body and help:

  • Create healthy good cholesterol levels
  • Lower triglycerides
  • Reduce homocysteine levels
  • Cleanse and repair your liver
  • Improve HDL/LDL ratios

While the primary focus of most other products available in the market is to lower the cholesterol, Choleslo helps fix the lipid problems by using multiple proven methods. It is very convenient to use, and by just taking one or two capsules twice a day with 2 glasses of water, works best for your body. As per the manufacturer’s guarantee, the user will see a drop of 30 points in 30 days by using their product or will be entitled for full refund, without any questions asked. Clearly, HFL has a lot of confidence in their product.

Choleslo Ingredients

Obviously, the list of ingredients makes the Choleslo tick. Even though the manufacturer has not discussed the full list of ingredients, the available ones are pretty much that doctors would advise any cholesterol patient to make them a part of their diet. There are many clinical evidences to prove that these ingredients work exactly the way it has been claimed. Here are some notes on all the key ingredients that will help you understand better and how they help lower your cholesterol.

Artichoke extract – Numerous studies on hamsters and rats have proven that artichoke extract improve the levels of cholesterol.

CoQ10 – Also known as, Coenzyme Q10 is a natural antioxidant that impacts the cell activity and generate energy to help you body function optimally.

Sytrinol – Sytrinol is one of the widely supported and highly acclaimed natural cholesterol lowering supplements. It not only decrease LDL and triglycerides, but also marginally increases good cholesterol – HDL. In addition to this, Sytrinol also decreases lubricates platelets and artery inflammation.

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Red Yeast Rice – Many studies have suggested that regular use of red yeast rice can dramatically reduce LDL (bad cholesterol) levels. However, overuse of red yeast rice can be dangerous as it produces toxic substances during fermentation.

Policosanol – Recent studies at the University of Florida have shown that depending upon a nutraceutical treatment containing policosanol tend to decrease LDL cholesterol by 21%, without affecting HDL (good) cholesterol levels.

Pantethine – It is a biologically active derivative of B5 Vitamin, and has been shown to be effective in reduction of cholesterol levels and prevent inflammation.

Given all the ingredients and features of the product, let’s take a look at some pros and cons. This should help you make a better choice.

Pros of CholesLo

  • It is a well formulated product to treat cholesterol levels with natural methods.
  • It is presented in a simple, portable and easy to use packing.
  • It is very affordable.
  • It uses natural ingredients, making it a safe option.
  • It comes with money back guarantee of 30 days.

Cons of CholesLo

  • It requires regular dosing to see results.
  • Dosing can vary between 2 to 6 pills a day. You may have to speak with your doctor about the same.
  • It is only available online. .

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How It Works?

Basically, CholesLo works by finding the root cause of the problems and fixing it. The ingredients used in the formulation attack the root cause of heart problems and cholesterol.

High cholesterol is mostly caused by disturbances of hormones and genetic factors. Even though diet and lifestyle are also contributory factors, it is important to determine the root problem and fix it. This product improves lipid problems by creating healthy cholesterol levels. The second advantage of using CholesLo is that it lowers triglycerides from your blood. Do you know that 63% of cases with high cholesterol are caused due to high triglycerides? In addition to this, Choleslo optimizes the LDL and HDL ratios by lowering LDL and raising the good HDL simultaneously. This natural formula also effectively reduces homocysteine levels. It also repairs and cleanses the liver, where 70% of all cholesterol problems first begin. .

Conclusion & Where to buy

Overall, it can be said that Choleslo delivers on its promise. It provides a safe and natural way to lower LDL and triglycerides. In addition to this, it also works by balancing your cholesterol profile. With plenty of positive reviews and details on clinically proven ingredients, this seems to be a pretty promising product. HFL Solutions is a NSF & GMP certified and HPLC tested company, signifying that they are known to comply with highest standards of safety and purity with product manufacturing. If you are already suffering from bad cholesterol levels, this product can help you bring it down and protect the chances of heart attacks and chokes in the future. It works on the whole body, giving you a much healthy and strong foundation to fight with day to day changes in the body.

It is an all-natural supplement, and the best part is that you need not dig a hole in your pocket to buy it. CholesLo is not expensive. Available at a price of $50 per bottle, you can buy the product online through Official sites.

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