How To Lower Your Cholesterol

How to lower your cholesterol
High cholesterol is the cause for a large number of deaths in the US. It is causes heath disease and heart strokes which are the number one and number three killers in the US. Cardiovascular diseases led to 910,614 deaths in 2003 in the US. In such a scenario, it becomes necessary to maintain your cholesterol levels and lowering cholesterol if they reach above normal levels.

Avoid dangerous cholesterol levels

Normally, your total cholesterol level should be less than 200 mg/dL. If it reaches above 240, you are at a high risk of getting a heart disease or a stroke. If you have cholesterol above 240, you should take steps to immediately lower your cholesterol. Following tips will help you in lowering cholesterol:

• Follow a diet that contains less fat and cholesterol: Eating fruits, vegetable, grain products such as bread, pastas and low-fat milk and meat products in large amounts will help you lower your cholesterol significantly. Lower your intake of high-cholesterol food items such as butter, cheese, untrimmed meat, saturated oils and fried food items.

• Maintain healthy weight according to your height and body structure: Regularly monitor your weight and try to bring it to normal level if you are overweight. Do not hesitate to consult a physician.

• Exercise regularly: Maintain a weekly schedule of exercises. During the day, walk whenever you get an opportunity and go for shopping on foot. This might seem pretty innocuous but is in fact a good way of lowering cholesterol, as it will provide some exercise.

Measure cholesterol levels regularly

Check your cholesterol levels regularly using cholesterol test kits or laboratory tests. If you find that your cholesterol level is in the high-risk zone, do not neglect it and work hard to lowering cholesterol. Consult your doctor to get more details from him on how you can lower your cholesterol. Remember, precaution is better than cure. It will save you money, give you a healthy life and above all give you more time to live with your beloved ones.

How to Exercises to Lose Weight

Exercises to Lose WeightHere’s what you need to know about exercises to lose weight. Everyday chores and simple choices like taking the stairs instead of the elevator are already a good start. You do not have to push your limits to get the health benefits. And the most controversial point: exercising has a lot of benefits, but it is possible that it is unnecessary to exercise to lose weight despite of what you can read on the magazines offering weight loss tips. You can lose weight quick without exercising at all, but it is still good to stay active to stay healthy and in good spirit. Reading this article will help you find the best exercises for your needs.

You do not have to go to the gym in order to exercise. Household chores like vacuuming and mopping, yard work or playing with your kids can give you the same benefit! The thing is to get up and do something instead of sitting in front of the TV or behind the computer all day long.

If you would still like to exercise more, some easy exercises to lose weight are yoga, stretching, weight training at home with 1-2 kg dumbbells and jumping rope. There is also a great variety of exercising DVDs you can use at home. What would be more enjoyable than dancing Zumba together with your whole family! Other good options include cycling, swimming, hiking, walking and especially Nordic walking, which gives you a more effective workout by making you train your upper body as well. When done correctly, Nordic walking will also make you burn more calories than regular walking, and therefore add on your daily calorie requirement. Cheap and effective! Ask a friend or a family member to accompany you if you think you will enjoy the exercising more in a company. If you have some extra money to spend, get yourself a pair of toning shoes to maximize the effects.

Some tips on how to lose weight put a high emphasis on working out as hard as you can. That is another mistake. When you are trying to exercise to lose weight, you do not have to push yourself to go faster and faster to get your heartbeat as high as you can. That can actually be dangerous. If you are after burning your body fat, the best exercises to lose weight are the easy intensity ones. When you keep your heart rate in between 105 – 134 beats per minute, you can maximize your fat burning. Try working out near the top of the zone to burn more calories. A training watch can help you optimize your exercise sessions. Whatever you do, keep your exercising nice enough. If you push yourself too much, it will feel harder to do it again (you will just remember how nasty it was and will start to avoid it). Try to find a an enjoyable way to work out.

It’s good to stay active because exercising has many health benefits. Doing sports can increase your overall fitness, protect you from cardiovascular diseases, protect you from diabetes by improving your insulin sensitivity and keep you in a better mood. Exercising is also said to be a good way to fight emotional eating. People exercise to lose weight, but most long term studies have shown that exercising does not help much in weight losing and is definitely not the quickest way to lose weight. It might actually have a negative effect on their diet because exercising makes us hungry and we will eat more. Basically burning more calories makes it very likely that you will start consuming more as well. On top of that we also have a tendency to reward ourselves with something good after a workout session, and end up eating more calories than we have burned during the exercise.

Try out many different exercises to find the ones you like the best and make them a part of your weekly routine. Just remember that you might not see a difference in your weight. Do not worry about that. Remember the other benefits and keep going! You can still lose 20 pounds or more just by eating fat burning foods and practicing intuitive eating.

Diet Food to Lose Weight Fast

Diet Food to Lose Weight FastLosing weight is very difficult for many people to reach because they think that to lose weight they have to eat tasteless food or starve .

All you have to do to lose weight fast is to learn to choose the right combination of diet foods that help you burn fat and promote how to lose weight fast for women your body while providing essential nutrients your body needs daily .

how to lose weight fast for women The introduction of diet foods or fat how to lose weight fast for women burning foods to your diet will accelerate your metabolism and you burn fat fast .

In this article I will show you a list of healthy foods you love burning fat, these foods are rich in essential nutrients , minerals, antioxidants , vitamins, fiber and are readily available

how to lose weight fast for women A . green tea

Green tea is one of the healthiest beverages around .

The researchers found that the antioxidants in green tea called catechism can help increase the body’s metabolism , so you burn fat faster , too. Contains a powerful antioxidant that maintains the levels of LD cholesterol and blood sugar , the consumption of green tea each day promotes heart health too .

Studies have shown that drinking green tea regularly reduces the risk of developing several types of cancer , including breast , colon , stomach and liver cancer .

how to lose weight fast for women Two . yogurt

Yogurt is a rich source of calcium , vitamin D and protein.

The researchers found that people who eat three servings of fat-free yogurt a day in the context of weight loss diet lost 22% more weight and 61% more body fat than those who cut calories in your diet. Yogurt eaters also lost 81% of belly fat.

The research also revealed that milk proteins and calcium dairy products help you lose weight and burn fat .

how to lose weight fast for women Three . seafood

Researchers believe that seafood increases the weight loss due to omega -3 fatty acids on the growth of fat cells is decreased, and special fish protein they believe may reduce body fat mass .

Seafood is also rich in minerals, antioxidants and vitamins.

how to lose weight fast for women April. Raw fruits and vegetables

Add more raw fruits and vegetables in your diet is a great way to lose weight, raw fruits and vegetables are full of fiber , the fiber takes longer to digest, which will take you to eat less without feeling hungry for longer periods of time with fewer calories.

Raw fruits and vegetables provide your body with essential vitamins , antioxidants and nutrients to keep your body healthy diet food to lose weight fast.

the best ways to lose weight So it is good to eat at least two servings of fruits and vegetables per day diet food to lose weight fast.

May the how to lose weight fast for women best ways to lose weight raw nuts diet food to lose weight fast

Raw nuts are great for how to lose weight fast for women burning fat when eaten raw and unsalted health Contains omega -3 to help burn the best ways to lose weight fat faster fat diet food to lose weight fast.

Raw nuts are diet food to lose weight fast rich sources of protein, B vitamins , folic acid , calcium, iron, zinc , antioxidants vitamin E and selenium complex diet food to lose weight fast .

Nuts are also rich in fiber to help the best ways to lose weight prevent hunger diet food to lose weight fast , which gives a feeling of fullness diet food to lose weight fast.

6 . spices

Adding spices to your meals such as chili , cayenne , cinnamon, garlic how to lose weight fast for women and a maximum of three hours mustard strong increase the best ways to lose weight fat burning metabolism 8-20 % after eating spicy food diet food to lose weight fast.

A study by the best ways to lose weight Oxford University has shown the best ways to lose weight that adding just 3 grams of chili meals can increase your metabolism to burn fat diet food to lose weight fast.

Remember that the best way to achieve fast weight loss is to follow a balanced diet enriched with vitamins , diet food to lose weight fast proteins the best ways to lose weight, minerals and carbohydrates carbon combined with regular training exercises to promote overall health while losing weight diet food to lose weight fast .

Cholesterol Medication does Have Side Effects

Cholesterol medication increase good cholesterol (HDL) and lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides. In so doing, it minimises the chances of heart diseases. According to Mayo clinic, the different types of medication for cholesterol work in different ways. Mayo grouped the medications as follows:

  1. Statins
  2. Bile acid resin binders
  3. Fibrates
  4. Cholesterol absorption inhibitor
  5. Omega-3 fatty acids
  6. Niacins
  7. Niacins and statins combination
  8. Blend of statin and cholesterol absorption inhibitor

The medications come with side effects such as nausea, constipation, diarrhea, pain, stomach pain, weakness, muscle soreness, cramps as well as reacting with grapefruit juice. However, statins were the leading contributors.

A Medical News Today report states that statins increase the risk of developing cataracts. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns users of the high risk of developing Type II diabetes.

NPR draws its attention to a study that was undertaken in 2013. The study showed that 17% of the patients experienced side effects. After experienced the side effects, two-thirds of the victims stopped using the medication.

Despite this, some doctors led by Dr. Alexander Turchin, assistant professor, Harvard Medical School still believe that statins are important. He states that the side effects can be dealt with by switching to different varieties.
Dr. Barbara Roberts, the author of “The Truth About Statins,” told NPR that studies don’t show that statins help in preventing heart disease in women hence can’t be ignored.She further added that following a Mediterranean diet offers benefits similar to statins.

The FDA warns consumers of the following:

  • Observing blood liver enzymes on a regular basis. Unfortunately, the monitoring hasn’t been effective in preventing severe injury to the liver.
  • Brain- related impairment such as memory loss, confusion, and forgetfulness has been reported.
    Statin can lead to Type II diabetes and increased sugar levels in blood.


  • Damage to the muscles can occur due to reaction with lovastatin (Mevacor brand).

Nonetheless, Medical News sited that the risks were overshadowed by the benefits.

Mayo clinic pointed that other medications besides statins also cause side effects. Bile acid resin binders such as Questran and Colestid can cause constipation, nausea, gas, bloating, as well as increasing triglycerides. Zetia, a cholesterol absorption inhibitor may cause fatigue, stomach pain, and muscle soreness. Combining Zetia with statin may cause abdominal pain, gas, weakness, and cramps.

Fibrates can cause stomach pain, gallstones, and nausea. A person may experience peptic ulcers, facial flushing, diarrhea, high blood sugar, neck flushing, nausea, vomiting, and gout when using niacin. Mayo said that Vascepa and Lovaza which contain Omega-3 fatty acids may lead to fishy taste, infections, and increased belching.

Source : Newsmax

Omega-6 Fatty Acids May Be Able To Eliminate ‘Bad’ cholesterol

 According to relatively recent research data, ordinary people can reduce the amount of bad LDL (Low-density lipoprotein) Cholesterol in their body by supplementing their diet with foods which are rich in Omega 6 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids. These new findings came from the Innsbruck Medical University, and it was originally derived from genetic information which came from 100,000 people of European ancestry.

Their studies uncovered a gene which affected blood cholesterol by stimulating the production of a compound, known as Lipoxin. According to the researchers, Lipoxin is produced by Omega-6 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids, and has many positive and useful properties for people who have health problems, especially those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases. For example, the study provides evidence that aspirin can help to prevent heart problems by increasing the production Lipoxin in the human body.

Senior research author Ivan Tancevski mentioned that their new findings could potentially lead to new therapeutic treatments for preventing or even eliminating cardiovascular diseases and all of their associated Sequelae, such as heart attacks and even stroke. Although data is still relatively limited, the researchers are nonetheless confident that they will eventually find additional useful information.

Ivan Tancevski and his research team have already identified one gene in particular, known as Alox5, which is believed to code for enzymes that increase lipoxins, which also happen to have anti-inflammatory effects on the body, from Omega 6 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in order to improve the body’s ability to eliminate large amounts of cholesterol.

The researchers also point out that they have found a unique mechanism by which aspirin may offer additional protection to the body. They indicated, for example, that aspirin can help to reduce cardiovascular diseases, thanks to its antithrombotic effects as well as its anti-inflammatory properties.

The study, along with its contents, were published online on the Cell Press Journal, under Cell Metabolism.

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