Choleslo Ingredients

CholesLo   Ingredients
CholesLO is a very effective and scientifically proven dietary supplement that helps in balancing the cholesterol level. This product has been specially formulated from natural ingredients that work for increasing the good cholesterol or HDL. Thus it can also be called as the most effective and natural supplement that has been certified by GMA and FDA. CholesLO ingredient also functions by lowering the homocysteine and bad cholesterol (LDL).

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The ingredients of cholesLo

The ingredients of CholesLo are the most important factor for the effectiveness and growing popularity of this product. It has also been scientifically proven that these ingredients are very effective and contributes to the functioning of this product. These ingredients also help in balancing the cholesterol level of the body and since these ingredients are natural and safe you will not have to worry about any of its side effects.

Sytrinol – it is a patented and highly acclaimed CholesLo ingredient that has been derived from palm fruit extract and natural citrus extract. Along with assisting in the reduction of triglycerides and LDL or bad cholesterol, Sytrinol also help in increasing the HDL or good cholesterol marginally. It also helps in lubricating platelets and decreases artery inflammation which reduces the chance of blood clot formation.

Policosanol- it is a natural ingredient that helps in decreasing LDL cholesterol considerably without affecting the good cholesterol or HDL. It works by normalizing the cholesterol level without any kind of side effects. There are many other benefits of this CholesLo ingredient which includes reducing symptoms of enlarged prostate, reducing inflammation and improving blood sugar level.

CoQ10- this ingredient is a natural antioxidant that is important for generation of energy and facilitates increased cell activity for the optimum functions of the cells. It also creates and protects energy within the skeletal and heart muscles and this ingredient is very important for preventing heart diseases. .

Red yeast rice-this ingredient has known to reduce the level of LDL or bad cholesterol. It plays an important part in increasing the efficiency of this product.

Pantethine- this CholesLo ingredient is the biologically active derivative of the vitamin B5 which helps in preventing inflammation and reducing cholesterol.

Artichoke extract- this ingredient is known to improve the cholesterol balance of the body significantly and also improves health. It shows a marked reduction of the total cholesterol level and it is considered as one of the most effective ingredient of CholesLo.

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