Choleslo Side Effects

Choleslo is simply a nutritional supplement used to lower cholesterol. It’s manufactured by HFL Solutions that is based in Las Vegas, NV. HFL Solution’s mission is actually to stop, slow down as well as reverse the aging process with their supplements. In fact, it was originally produced to treat Dr. Robbin’s aging parent’s elevated cholesterol. This particular product is available in pill form while dosing is one to six pills daily.

Which are the ingredients of Choleslo?

The following are some of the ingredients of Choleslo that can help you to better understand what they are as well as how and why they can help in balancing your cholesterol. They include:

  • Artichoke extract – it can significantly improve the cholesterol balance
  • Conzyme Q 10 (Coq10) -it’s a natural antioxidant which is vital to the cell activity and generate the energy that your body need to function optimally
  • Sytrinol –it not only decrease both the LDL and triglycerides, but also it increases HDL
  • Pantethine – it’s a biologically active derivative of the vitamin B5. It reduces cholesterol and also prevents inflammation.
  • Red Yeast Rice – it can significantly decrease LDL cholesterol.

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  • It is offered with a cash back offer just in case the consumer’s cholesterol doesn’t drop thirty points in about thirty days.
  • It has a dedicated website that has got clinical trial information available


  • Its dosing requirements are 1 to 6 pills daily
  • It may reduce the overall cholesterol though it doesn’t prevent the risk of the heart attack or even stroke.

What are Choleslo side effects?

The amount of the ingredients in this particular product can makes it to be more effective but it can as well work against it. The more the different ingredients a supplement contains, the higher the chances that any of them might cause some types of adverse effects.

In short, Choleslo doesn’t have any documented side effects.

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